• Additional persons:
    • Any additional individuals on a reservation are $5 per person, per night
    • Daytime guests are free unless they want to swim, in which case they will be charged $5 per person, per day
  • Electric: 
    • Long term RV reservations are charged using a meter reading at time of check in and check out at a rate of $0.18 per kilowatt hour
  • Dump and Fill:
    • Waste dumping and water refill is available for RV's passing through but not staying at the campground - $10 to dump and $10 to fill 
  • Firewood:
    • Please do not bring firewood into our campground as it may damage our beautiful trees.  Firewood is available for purchase in the office - $5 to fill the template box to the top!  This usually gives you anywhere between 2 or 3 times as much as those $5 bundles you see at gas stations!
  • Ice:
    • $2 per 7lb bag
  • Propane:
    • $2 plus tax a gallon (note - a 30lb tank is 7 gallons)
  •  Vandalism:
    • Vandalised, damaged, and/or missing campground property will be charged to the credit card on file


  • Tents
    • up to 4 individuals 
    • 1 tent per site
    • $25/night
    • $350/month plus electric
    • $175/week
    • $25/night
  • Small cabins:
    • up to 2 individuals 
    • $40/night
    • $250/week
    • $500/month plus electric
  • Large cabins:
    • up to 4 individuals 
    • $65/night
    • $400/week
    • $700/month plus electric
  • Deluxe cabins:
    • up to 4 individuals
    • $80/night
    • $500/week
    • $900/month plus electric
  • RV sites:
    • up to 6 individuals
    • $40/night
    • $250/week
    • $500/month plus electric
    • Seasonal- $250/month plus electric

Frontier Campground

NOTE: All credit card transactions carry a processing fee from the credit card company (this fee is not imposed by Frontier Campground and cannot be waived for any reason)

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